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We’ve seen dryer vents clog up with lint and debris in very little time, and if you are not cleaning at least once a year you are risking fire, health and safety issues.  Cleaning the lint tray is a daily maintenance done by the home or business owner, but cleaning the entire vent system is the annual maintenance that manufacturers, consumer protection agencies and US Fire Agency recommends, and that should be done by a certified DryerVentz™ technician.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The entire dryer vent is brushed clean from end to end with a stainless steel brush while a powerful vacuum removes the lint from the dryer vent.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds tend to build nests inside dryer vents; completely blocking airflow, ruining your dryer and creating a fire hazard. They can be disease-ridden and extremely difficult to remove.

Dryer Vent Repairs

We fix disconnected dryer vents – they can lead to mold, unwanted moisture and a dryer fire. Crushed dryer vents are fire hazards, ruin your dryer, can create water damage and majorly increase drying times; rusted out dryer vents – they cause unwanted moisture, mold and are a fire hazard; vents built with wrong materials – they lead to rapid lint build up, insufficient airflow, longer drying times and a possible dryer fire.

Reroute Dryer Vent

We reroute dryer vents that are unsafe or inefficient (ex: too long, run under the house, too many turns, terminate indoors). We find the best possible route to shorten the vent and improve airflow.

Transition Hose

We make sure the hose behind your dryer is as short as possible and not crushed so that air can flow freely through it. We also offer replacement hoses that are safer, more efficient and easier to install.

Screen Removal

We remove screens from dryer vent terminations whether on the roof or side of the home. Screens are used to keep animals out, but they can be against building code because lint accumulates on the screen and creates a blockage which causes a fire hazard, possible water damage and can ruin your dryer.

Side-Termination & Roof-Termination Hoods

We replace side-terminating hoods that are damaged or against code. Our replacements are sturdy (metal), great at keeping birds and critters out and they are also nice to look at.

We replace roof-terminating hoods that are against code. Home builders and roofers are notorious for installing the wrong type of hood on dryer vents. Building code requires them to have back draft dampers and no screens.

DryerVentz™ DuctVentz™ Technicians Perform the Following In-Home Services

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*We Adhere to Manufacturer and US Fire Administration Maintenance Recommendations*